Links to our favourite sources of shift…


  • Avaaz is a 44,000,000 strong on-line activist organization that has been very effective at influencing many different issues –

  • Here’s a grassroots organization using theatre and humour to bring attention to important issues –

Our Hero

  • Probably our favourite thinker on social/economic/political issues, Charles Eisenstein writes from a profoundly conscious and compassionate place –

Our Hosts Sites


  • iMindMap is an amazing tool for organizing your projects and ideas in a way that both makes sense of it visually and easily translates into a presentation format to help you share your passions –

Friends of Shift

  • This is a series of history booklets written by our friend and contributor Cole Harris. He shares his and his grandfathers perspective on Kootenay history including the Japanese residents during the second world war internment –


  • Here’s a magazine we often turn to when we really need to find something positive going on –