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Woodstock – A New Look – with Greg Walter

This week we did a special two-hour show with author, Greg Walter about Woodstock. "Nearly forty years ago, Greg Walter was hired by Woodstock Ventures to help build the venue for a music festival". In the first hour Greg shared some of his personal experiences at Woodstock... and we listened to some great music. In [...]

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Diet Against Disease by Dr. Mercola

As you know if you've been listening to our previous shows, we have begun eating a low carb, high fat diet - a diet against disease. We found this series hosted by Dr. Mercola called "Diet Against Disease" that takes an in depth look at the many health benefits of a "ketogenic" diet. He also [...]

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Save Your Life with Bio-Identical Hormones

This was a fascinating conversation with Sheryl Yaremco, an R.N. who specializes in endocrinology and the use of compounded bio-identical hormones. Sheryl shared with us that supplementing with bio-identical hormones could prevent the leading cause of death in women over 60 - heart disease and stroke. Sheryl was a critical care nurse who was [...]

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Happy Humans Eating Healthy

This week we spoke with Kelly Aiello, a nutritional consultant with about the benefits of eating healthy on a low carb diet. Kelly started her exploration into the benefits of this type of diet when her husband had a traumatic brain injury. After the injury they found that he did much better if [...]

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Slocan Valley Legacy Fund with Lorna Visser

This week we spoke with Lorna Visser about the Slocan Valley Legacy Fund. The Slocan Valley Legacy Fund is administered by the Slocan Valley Community Legacy Society. We talked to Lorna about why the fund was created and what they hope to do with it. She also shared her experience being on the board of [...]

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