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We’re Sick in Bed!

Sorry we're off line this week, we're under the weather and taking a break. We're not sure if it's Covid-19 - haven't been [...]

Reclaiming Your Soul Fragments

This week we shared our experiences in doing a couple of shamanic journeys with shaman Tommy Hopkins. The original reason for launching down this [...]

An Unconventional Priest

This weeks interview is the second of our talks with Peter Fritsch, an Episcopal priest, writer, spiritual counselor and healer with a very unconventional [...]

A Priest’s Love Story

This weeks interview is with Episcopalian priest Peter Fritsch... how's that for alliteration? Peter is an unusual priest, and that's why we like him. [...]

Mind Files with Penny Hodgson

This weeks interview is with Penny Hodgson, author of Mind Files, Perception, Perspective & Problems. ​Penny is a certified holistic therapeutic counselor and natural [...]

Dorje Dolma Yak Girl

This weeks interview is with Dorje Dolma, who wrote the book Yak Girl. Dorje has an amazing story to tell about living as a [...]

Homeless in Victoria

This weeks interview was done while we were at a conference in Victoria, BC. Jeff came across a young homeless man that wanted to [...]

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