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Beth Haley & The Munroe Institute Workshop

This week Jeff, Ana and Tesh talked to Beth Haley about The Munroe Institute Excursion Outreach Workshop that she's bringing to the Kootenays July 8 & 9th. We had a lively and interesting conversation with her. If you're interested in checking out the workshop you can find out more information at or contact us for more information. [...]

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The Awakened Company by Catherine Bell

This week Ana, Jeff and Sherry spoke with Catherine Bell, who wrote the book The Awakened Company. You can find out more about the book and the topic itself on Catherine's website "This is a vision that top executives are increasingly recognizing is the only viable path into tomorrow. It’s an evolutionary approach to [...]

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An Impromptu and Intimate Conversation with Gregos

This week we had a very pleasant surprise. We met and interviewed Gregos - an up and coming rock star from Alberta. We talked to him about why he decided to pursue music as a career, what it's like to try to make it big, and the syncronicities that led him to this point. Gregos [...]

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James Snell – Gold Bloody Gold

This week Jeff and Tesh talked to James Snell about his new book Gold Bloody Gold - a True Story of Lost Goldmines and Misadventure. If you want to find a copy of his book you can find it on Amazon. This is a fascinating story about James' father, who successfully found the most productive gold [...]

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