Meet the Hosts:

Jeff Pilsner
Jeff PilsnerMusician, Voice Over Talent, Videographer and Regular Host
Jeff Pilsner is the founding host of Shift Happens. He has a passion for positivity and spirit, so when he got tired of the negativity and materialism that pervades the media he decided to share his passions with his own show. Jeff is also passionate about music so before long, he decided he wanted to share that too and so we added the Flower Power Hour. Pretty soon he realized he couldn’t do it all himself so he enlisted the help of his best friend and partner Ana.
Ana Bokstrom
Ana BokstromSculptor & Integrated Health Consultant
Ana’s passion is for helping people heal and grow so when Jeff asked her to help with the show, she jumped in with both feet. Ana has brought her passion for learning and health to the show – so you’ll often find her in the thick of it when we’re doing shows about health. She’s also kind of a science geek and likes to talk about quantum physics… not your average radio show topics… but then Shift Happens is not your average radio show.