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Tom Campbell Says Our World is a Virtual Reality Part 1

This weeks interview is part 1 of a 4 part interview with Tom Campbell, physicist and author of My BIG TOE. Tom says that we're living in a virtual reality and we wanted to explore the implications of his theory. There are several ways to take in the interview - Video, Audio or Text... [...]

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Wheel of Life Magazine

Wheel of Life Magazine A lifestyle magazine with a spiritual twist featuring articles by the hosts of Shift Happens - Jeff Pilsner and Ana Bokstrom  

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A primer on My Big TOE by Tom Campbell

In this show we put together a montage of Tom Campbell's videos introducing his Theory of Everything and why he says that we're living in a virtual reality. He also talks about the implications of his theory. We put this together to prepare our listeners for our upcoming interviews with Tom. He can really [...]

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An Explanation of Tom Campbells TOE by Beth Haley

This is the first in a series of shows we are doing about Tom Campbell and his Theory of Everything or TOE. Tom Campbell is a physicist who has worked for organizations such as NASA and the US Dept. of Defense. He is also an explorer of consciousness. For the past 30+ years he [...]

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Keenan Harris on Running a Socially Responsible Business

A conversation with Keenan Harris, the manager of the Royal on Baker in Nelson, BC about running a socially responsible business. Keenan is one of the most level and socially conscious people we've met - and he's only 25! He shared some of business philosophy and why he cares about helping organizations for the [...]

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Jeff Three Years After Heart Surgery

Jeff had open-heart quadruple by-pass surgery three years ago. Ana interviewed him about what he's learned in the process of recovery and what he would do differently in hindsight. He shared his struggles, his insights and offered some advise to anyone dealing with similar issues. In the process of learning how to stay [...]

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