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Dancing out of Depression and Addiction

This week we talk with Andre Rodriques - a wanderer, wonderer and a lover of life.  His abiding love of a great story has taken Andre to many First Nations clans where he has soaked up traditional tales and teachings, that he has in turn, shared with any willing heart and ear.  Dedicated to the [...]

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Facing Homelessness with James Abro

This week Jeff, Ana and Sherry talked with American activist and writer James Abro. In 2000, Mr. Abro founded 32 Beach Productions, a virtual multi-arts venue featuring the writing of Mr. Abro and the music of Skip Spady. Before he started 32 Beach Productions, Abro was a professional writer and editor with The Harlem Writers [...]

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Love & Relationship

This week Jeff, Ana and Sherry talked about relationships in honour of Valentines Day. They talked about how to argue, how to negotiate sex and how to fill your emotional bank account. A lot of the discussion was based on research by John and Julie Gottman of the Gottman Institute. The website for more information [...]

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A Constellation Roundtable

This week was an opportunity to check in with all of the participants after our Family of Origin Workshop. It was a great impromptu conversation with Jeff in the studio and all of the rest of us on a conference call from the workshop. For more information on the Family of Origin Constellation Workshops offered [...]

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