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Your Ghost Ancestors with Mark Jeffreys

This weeks interview is with Mark Jeffries, Director of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences at Dixie State University. Mark talks about the ghost ancestors that scientists are discovering as DNA testing becomes more prevalent. The Denisovans or Denisova hominins are an extinct species or subspecies of archaic humans in the genus Homo. Pending its taxonomic status, it currently carries [...]

By |2019-02-17T11:47:20-08:00July 31st, 2018|Mark Jeffries, science|0 Comments

Exploring Guaranteed Basic Income

This weeks interview is a discussion with professor Frank Tester about the potentials and pitfalls of Guaranteed Basic Income. We explored the social implications, pros and cons and previous experiments with Guaranteed Minimum Income in Canada and abroad. Frank gives us his opinion on whether it's a good idea for Canada. The Liberals have [...]

By |2019-03-02T13:54:02-08:00July 24th, 2018|Frank Tester, political|0 Comments

Sharon Bamber Painting the Way of St. James

This week we talked to Sharon and Simon Bamber about their upcoming expedition (they hope) painting the Way of St. James through France and Spain. They are currently running a fundraising campaign on to raise the money for the trip and they're asking for our help so if you want to support this [...]

By |2018-07-03T16:59:54-07:00July 2nd, 2018|Sharon Bamber, social|0 Comments

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