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The Wheel of Life with Angela Jeffreys

Angela Jeffreys This week we talked to Angela Jeffreys, editor of Wheel of Life Magazine. Angela is a Celtic shaman who had the inspiration to produce a "lifestyle magazine with a spiritual twist". She put the call out to her extensive contacts and ended up with an amazing and diverse group of [...]

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Addiction Recovery with Sohan Ko

Sohan Ko This week we talked with Sohan Ko about her practice as an addictions recovery coach. Sohan holds a Master’s Degree in Literature. In addition to her coaching practice, she is a writer, an artist, a musician, a mother of two sons, and an organic gardener. She recently assisted Ana through her [...]

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How I Stopped Being a Victim by Ana Bokstrom

Today Ana decided she wanted to share a topic that is near and dear to her. She's been on her soapbox (literally) about this for the last few weeks so we decided to give her the mic. Most of us (if not all) have experienced some form of abuse in our childhood. Ana had [...]

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How I Stopped Being a Victim

Most of us (if not all) have experienced some form of abuse in our childhood. I struggled with feeling likes a victim as a result, but came to the realization that identifying myself as a victim did not serve me. When we identify with being a victim we attract others who identify with [...]

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Jeff and Ana talk about all of the great things they’ve Discovered

This week Jeff and Ana decided to bring all of our listeners up to date with how WE'RE doing. We have discovered many interesting things through our recent interviews. We covered healthy eating, the dangers of statins, a ketogenic diet, Tai Chi, bio-identical hormones, etc. As you know if you listen regularly, we actually try [...]

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