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Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening

Today we talked about our personal and social psychoses as being an opportunity for spiritual growth if we can understand and deal with them in that way. The way that indigenous cultures found their shaman was to find the people in their midst who heard voices or saw things no one else could see. To [...]

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Changing the Things We Cannot Accept

This week we decided we have to talk about the results of the American election. Not to get into the fray about whether the result was good or bad but to talk about where we all go from here. Not to assume that president elect Trump will be as bigoted or misogynistic as he seems but [...]

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Radical Healing for Chronic Illness

For two weeks we experienced the miraculous healing ability of Dr. Joel Whitehead of the Lakelands Acupuncture Clinic in Penticton, BC. If you have a serious or debilitating illness such as Fibromyalgia, Colitis, or Crones Disease, or multiple allergies that are affecting your ability to utilize nutrients, you might consider undergoing treatment with Dr. Whitehead. He [...]

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Injustice at Standing Rock

This week we're talking to Susan Haywood, a member of the Portland, Oregon chapter of the Raging Grannies about the situation at Standing Rock in North Dakota. She's collecting donations of warm clothing to bring to North Dakota for the protesters. Susan shared with us some opportunities to help the protesters. They are [...]

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