Trump – Clown, Catalyst or Calamity?

This week we talked with Susan Haywood of the Portland Raging Grannies about life with Trump. We asked Susan if she felt that Trump was merely a clown, a serious calamity, a catalyst for change... or maybe all three? Susan shared with us that the Raging Grannies membership had significantly increased after the election of [...]

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Activism in the Times of Trump

This week we talked to Susan Haywood about the situation in the US. We talked about Trump and the ongoing attempts to question the results of the election and the situation in North Dakota with the Oceti Sakowin camp. We also talked to her about whether she feels safe as an activist in the US [...]

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Changing the Things We Cannot Accept

This week we decided we have to talk about the results of the American election. Not to get into the fray about whether the result was good or bad but to talk about where we all go from here. Not to assume that president elect Trump will be as bigoted or misogynistic as he seems but [...]

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