Life in the Jeff Healey Band with Tom Stephens

This week we interviewed Tom Stephen, former drummer of the Jeff Healey Band. He has recently written a book about his life in the band called "Best Seat in the House". Tom talked to us about what it was like touring with a blind but brilliant musician who didn't want to admit [...]

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Baba Brinkman and Lester McLean Perform in the Kootenays

This week we interviewed two different musicians who are headed to the Kootenays in the near future... Lester McLean and Baba Brinkman. Lester is a funk/blues/rock/jazz musician from Toronto who is performing with his band starting on Aug 21st. They are all very experienced - some might even say mature - musicians but are [...]

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Tennyson King

This weeks interview is with Canadian musician Tennyson King. We had a chance to interview Tennyson while he was on a road trip through Western Canada. Tennyson is a young musician from Toronto who is brimming with talent. Unfortunately we aren't able to include the copyrighted material in our podcasts but check out Tennyson's music [...]

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Norman Seeff Creative Genius

If you don't know who Norman Seeff is, you certainly have seen some of his photos. He has taken some of the most famous photographs in our pop culture. You can see a selection on his website We talked to Norman today about the powerful events of his life, the people who [...]

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