This week we’re talking to Susan Haywood, a member of the Portland, Oregon chapter of the Raging Grannies about the situation at Standing Rock in North Dakota. She’s collecting donations of warm clothing to bring to North Dakota for the protesters.

Susan shared with us some opportunities to help the protesters. They are hoping to outfit a medical bus to serve as a mobile hospital unit:


Check out the Grannies website:

Indigenous Peoples of America has been putting out quite a lot of information and videos about the Dakota Access pipeline. You can go to their facebook page to find their info:

For an interesting series of articles in Yes Magazine check out this link:

Here’s a bunch of ways you can help through
Donate to support the people resisting the Dakota Access Pipeline
Donate directly to the Standing Rock Sioux tribe  to support their fight
Read the Sacred Stone Camp Supply List and contribute
Contribute directly to the Sacred Stone Camp Legal Defense Fund

The Young Turks tv station is another great source of information from the alternative media. Here’s a story they did on the Standing Rock protest:

And here’s a story by Democracy Now on the Dakota Pipeline. Amy Goodman has gone to great lengths, including facing a riot charge, to cover this story:

The Real News Network also covered this story:

Interesting Stuff in Science: