A Compelling Argument on the Reality of Geoengineering with Juscha

This week we aired an interview that Catherine McGrath did with Geoengineering researcher Juscha Grunther. Juscha spent a period of some years collecting data on geoengineering in the Slocan Valley and ultimately sent a report to the federal government to try to get some answers. She was very thorough and careful in the collection [...]

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Good News in 2017

This show was a review of many of the good news stories from 2017. The primary source for the show was Future Crunch's newsletter. If you haven't already read Future Crunch, check out their blog at https://futurecrun.ch. For the specific article we used for the show you can find the link below. Here's some of [...]

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Injustice at Standing Rock

This week we're talking to Susan Haywood, a member of the Portland, Oregon chapter of the Raging Grannies about the situation at Standing Rock in North Dakota. She's collecting donations of warm clothing to bring to North Dakota for the protesters. Susan shared with us some opportunities to help the protesters. They are [...]

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