This week Jeff, Ana and Tesh talked to Beth Haley about The Munroe Institute Excursion Outreach Workshop that she’s bringing to the Kootenays July 8 & 9th. We had a lively and interesting conversation with her. If you’re interested in checking out the workshop you can find out more information at or contact us for more information.

The Monroe Institute Gateway Excursion Outreach Workshop is a results-oriented program designed to assist in expanding awareness, developing latent dimensions of creative intelligence, discovering a new sense of certainty and purpose, and applying one’s full potential to all areas of life. Participants learn through taped exercises and group discussions how to achieve Focus 10 (Mind Awake/Body Asleep) and Focus 12 (Expanded Awareness). Step-by-step, the participant absorbs methods to move comfortably along a continuum of consciousness, shifting between one phase (or focus of consciousness) and another. Learning how to control these phase-shifts to visit and integrate non-physical energy systems is a key element in the program. Gateway Outreach Trainers provide a safe, comfortable structure for movement through controlled stages starting with deep relaxation and then through progressive “gateways” into different forms of perception.