This week we had a very pleasant surprise. We met and interviewed Gregos – an up and coming rock star from Alberta. We talked to him about why he decided to pursue music as a career, what it’s like to try to make it big, and the syncronicities that led him to this point.

Gregos was a charming interview – willing to be honest about himself and his music. Jeff asked him some tough questions about where the music comes from and how he deals with the pressures of trying to break into the music industry. Gregos talked about how hard it is to promote himself without a manager and how excited he is to be working with famous music producer Ronnie King. Ronnie King is a multi-platinum producer who has worked with Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, The Offspring and Mariah Carey so we asked Gregos how he met him and what it was like writing music with a famous producer. We can definitely see why Mr. King is interested in working with Gregos. He has a huge voice and a real “rockstar” presence… so glad we met you Gregos:

Check out his website:
If you want to see Gregos live you can see him at the Rex Hotel in Trail on May 12 and 13th.