This week we spoke with Lorna Visser about the Slocan Valley Legacy Fund. The Slocan Valley Legacy Fund is administered by the Slocan Valley Community Legacy Society. We talked to Lorna about why the fund was created and what they hope to do with it. She also shared her experience being on the board of the society and what volunteering has done for her as an individual and community member.

From their website: “The Slocan Valley Legacy Fund is dedicated to building a living legacy that supports a resilient, vital, and healthy community. Our Endowment Fund provides grants to charitable organizations that serve the Slocan Valley on an ongoing and sustainable basis. Every donation we receive towards the Fund becomes part of a long term investment in our community.”

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If you’re interested in volunteering, applying for funding, donating, or would just like to learn more about the Fund and the Society you can find their website at You can contact the society at or 1-877-649-5643.