This week we did a special two-hour show with author, Greg Walter about Woodstock. “Nearly forty years ago, Greg Walter was hired by Woodstock Ventures to help build the venue for a music festival”. In the first hour Greg shared some of his personal experiences at Woodstock… and we listened to some great music. In the second hour we talked about Woodstock in the context of the times. Greg had some interesting perspectives on the “Hippy” sub-culture… and we heard some more great music.

Greg has appeared on NBC’s Dateline (Back to Woodstock) and national radio shows recounting his experiences working for the Festival. You can hear an excerpt of the documentary on One of the things that Greg is most proud of is that his book is in academia library systems including Harvard, UC Berkeley, and The David Tipper Collection. He really has given us a unique glimpse into what it was like to be there… something that most of us in the current counter culture can only dream of.

If you enjoyed this interview, Greg will be doing a reading from his book Woodstock – a New Look, at the Hume Hotel on Wednesday Dec 6, 2017. Doors open at 5:30 pm, the book reading will be at 7pm, followed by a discussion of the sub culture and it’s current relevance at 9pm. Tickets are available at Eddy Music, KCR (308A Hall St. Nelson), and Gaia Foods in Winlaw, or at the door. Speaking of his book, he has created a lovely and unique look at the festival through the eyes of someone who was intimately involved – so check it out.

The Flower Power Music Hour (with some antecdotes thrown in for colour):

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If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of Greg’s book you can contact Greg directly at

And if you’re interested in listening to more music from that era and hearing the story of another Woodstock, NY resident, listen to our show with Michael Murray: