This weeks interview is part 3 of a 4 part interview with Tom Campbell, physicist and author of My BIG TOE. Tom says that we’re living in a virtual reality and we wanted to explore the implications of his theory. Pick your preference below – video or audio… and enjoy. And if you want to get updates on when we post more shows, subscribe to our newsletter!

In the 1st segment we asked Tom to explain his theory that we are living in a Virtual Reality and the specifics of how that works. In the 2nd segment we explored how we choose an avatar and how best to play the “game”.

In this segment we asked Tom how much we can change reality… can we modify the rules and do things like de-age? How much can the larger consciousness system influence our lives and can it/they override our free-will? How should we deal with the negative circumstances going on in the larger world? What about the effects of violence? Is there ever a time when we should fight back?

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