This weeks interview is part 4 of a 4 part interview with Tom Campbell, physicist and author of My BIG TOE. Tom says that we’re living in a virtual reality and we wanted to explore the implications of his theory. Pick your preference below – video or audio… and enjoy. And if you want to get updates on when we post more shows, subscribe to our newsletter!

In the 1st segment we asked Tom to explain his theory that we are living in a Virtual Reality and the specifics of how that works. In the 2nd segment we explored how we choose an avatar and how best to play the “game”. In the 3rd segment we asked Tom how much we can change our reality with our intent.

In this segment we talked about a series of experiments that Tom has just raised the money to do. He explained some of the reasoning when he designed them and what hopes to “prove”. He also explains how these experiments are different from previous ones like the double-slit experiment and most importantly, he speculates on some of the potential effects on society if the scientific world finally accepts the virtual reality hypothesis.

More Information about our Guest

  • Tom’s YouTube channel has hundreds of his videos that you can watch for free. This is a good place to start if you want to understand Tom’s theories better.
  • Tom’s website has links to all of his materials including his books and videos:
  • If you are interested in seeing Tom Campbell in person you can go to his events website: