Alchemical Magic with Beth Haley

This week we talked with Beth Haley, an intuitive life coach and facilitator of alchemical magic. Our sometimes co-host Aeja Goldsmith, who is a clairvoyant, helped us with this interview. We thought it would be an interesting conversation between two empaths and we were right. Beth will be coming to the Kootenays in August to [...]

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Meditate Like a Monk with Beth Haley

This week we talked to Beth Haley about learning how to meditate like a Tibetan monk with The Munroe Institute Excursion Outreach Workshop. She's coming to facilitate the workshop in New Denver at the Cedar Grove Retreat July 8 & 9th. She'll be teaching us how to mediate like a monk with her Hemi-sync program. This program uses a [...]

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Beth Haley & The Munroe Institute Workshop

This week Jeff, Ana and Tesh talked to Beth Haley about The Munroe Institute Excursion Outreach Workshop that she's bringing to the Kootenays July 8 & 9th. We had a lively and interesting conversation with her. If you're interested in checking out the workshop you can find out more information at https://2thepowerof1.com/event/the-munroe-institute-excursion-outreach-workshop/ or contact us for more information. [...]

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