Jeff had open-heart quadruple by-pass surgery three years ago. Ana interviewed him about what he’s learned in the process of recovery and what he would do differently in hindsight. He shared his struggles, his insights and offered some advise to anyone dealing with similar issues. In the process of learning how to stay well and avoid a repeat, he has rejected much of the advise from the medical system. Post surgery on the drugs and diet, he was gaining weight, becoming diabetic, losing hair and muscle mass and struggling with depression. In desperation he began eating a high fat, low carbohydrate diet – pretty much the opposite to what he’d been told to do – quit taking his Statin drug and started on bio-identical testosterone replacement therapy (HRT). Since starting this new regimen 6 months ago he’s lost 35 lbs, has more energy, more hair, feels healthier, has brought his insulin levels down 30 points and is no longer depressed.

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