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Patterns of Abuse in our Families

In this weeks show we talk about dysfunctional family dynamics. We were with family over the holidays and it became apparent that there were patterns that were well embedded within the family that were classic examples of a dysfunctional abusive family. We hadn't been home for a while and sometimes distance makes it easier [...]

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Jeff Three Years After Heart Surgery

Jeff had open-heart quadruple by-pass surgery three years ago. Ana interviewed him about what he's learned in the process of recovery and what he would do differently in hindsight. He shared his struggles, his insights and offered some advise to anyone dealing with similar issues. In the process of learning how to stay [...]

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Jeff and Ana talk about all of the great things they’ve Discovered

This week Jeff and Ana decided to bring all of our listeners up to date with how WE'RE doing. We have discovered many interesting things through our recent interviews. We covered healthy eating, the dangers of statins, a ketogenic diet, Tai Chi, bio-identical hormones, etc. As you know if you listen regularly, we actually try [...]

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Jeff on the Hot Seat or Do You Need to be Loved Pt 2

This week we picked up where we left off from the "Do You Love to be Needed, or Need to be Loved?" show. We decided to delve into the topic by exploring one of our co-dependent behaviours. Jeff volunteered... honest, we didn't force him to do this show. Sherry took him through the process of [...]

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The Cholesterol Myth

We wanted to share with you the results of our research into the cholesterol myth. The whole story began with Jeff's heart surgery a year and a half ago and the subsequent prescriptions for heart drugs including a statin called Atorvastatin. This drug has a pile of nasty side affects but Jeff was told by his [...]

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