This is the first in a series of shows we are doing about Tom Campbell and his Theory of Everything or TOE. Tom Campbell is a physicist who has worked for organizations such as NASA and the US Dept. of Defense. He is also an explorer of consciousness. For the past 30+ years he has been performing experiments into consciousness in the out of body state. Tom is one of those unique and inspiring individuals who is capable of seeing what IS, instead of what they expect to see, and with this open-mindedness, he is helping us answer some of the really BIG questions such as “What is the nature of reality?” and “Why am I here?”. This week we talked with Beth Haley, who is editing a version of Tom’s book trilogy My Big TOE for the non-scientifically minded. Beth also told us about a Kickstarter campaign that Tom is starting to fund a series of experiments that he has designed, which he says will prove his theories.

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