This weeks interview was done while we were at a conference in Victoria, BC. Jeff came across a young homeless man that wanted to tell his story. His name is Thaddeus and we later found out from his father that he is struggling with schizophrenia. Thaddeus gave us a peek into his mind, his demons and his circumstances. Thaddeus is lost in a world of superheros and villains – but he’s trying to do the right thing and he’s grappling with his awareness that some of what he’s perceiving might be delusion. His family is hoping that he’ll find a way through and come back to them.

The interview was done on camera and is available to watch on YouTube so enjoy.

Listen to the Audio of this show:

More Information about our Guest

  • After posting this interview we were contacted by Thaddeus’ father who wanted to let us know that they have made contact with him and are trying to help.