We wanted to share with you the results of our research into the cholesterol myth. The whole story began with Jeff’s heart surgery a year and a half ago and the subsequent prescriptions for heart drugs including a statin called Atorvastatin. This drug has a pile of nasty side affects but Jeff was told by his cardiologist that if he didn’t take the drug he would die. Given the harshness of the pronouncement Jeff tried to adjust to life on these drugs but we also began doing some research into the recommendation for very low levels of dietary cholesterol. There was some confusion about how much of a link there is between the consumption of saturated fats and blood cholesterol levels. It never occurred to us at the time that fats, blood-born or otherwise weren’t even the issue. As a result of our most recent research we are strongly questioning whether it isn’t sugars rather than fats that are the most harmful to your heart. We also discovered that statins do not in fact improve life expectancy and may actually in Jeff’s case reduce life expectancy… at the very least reduce quality of life.

Below you will find the videos of the entire documentary from Catalyst that exposes the way in which the pharmaceutical industry fabricated the saturated fat and cholesterol myth.


This video is of a talk by Dr. Jack Wolfson. We used a portion of this video in this weeks show as well. Dr. Wolfson is an integrative cardiologist who promotes the Paleo diet as the most effective diet for heart health.


For the last half of the show we played a conversation we had with Gary Tacon just after the US election.

We also shared a clip from Dr. Bob deMaria – the drugless doctor about cholesterol and how to reduce cholesterol naturally.

This is the last clip we played – an interview with Dr Seneff of MIT: