This week Jeff and Ana decided to bring all of our listeners up to date with how WE’RE doing. We have discovered many interesting things through our recent interviews. We covered healthy eating, the dangers of statins, a ketogenic diet, Tai Chi, bio-identical hormones, etc. As you know if you listen regularly, we actually try all of the things we suggest personally. So, we decided to update you on how we’re doing with everything we’ve discovered. In case you want the punchline – we’re thrilled to report that we’re doing MUCH BETTER!

To sum it all up, Jeff’s stopped taking his statin because it was causing high insulin and low testosterone. This resulted in weight gain, hair loss and low libido, fatigue and brain fog. He is also taking bio-identical testosterone. He has lost 25 lbs in 3 months, has more energy, more libido and his hair has stopped falling out. Ana had developed a post menopausal imbalance in her hormones. This was causing a flare up in her auto immune disease, weight gain and a thyroid imbalance. She started taking bio-identical hormones, including desiccated thyroid. Her blood tests after show that the inflammation is now normal, as are her hormone levels resulting in an 18 lb weight loss and no more pain!

For a run down on the things we’ve tried and what worked listen to the show:



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