This week we shared our experiences in doing a couple of shamanic journeys with shaman Tommy Hopkins. The original reason for launching down this particular rabbit hole was because Ana has finally divorced herself from her toxic parents. Although she had said goodbye she was having a hard time feeling clear of their energy. In shamanic terms Tommy explains this as “cords” of energy that frequently tie us to our family. Carolyn Myss has quite a bit of material on this topic if you’d like to learn more about this but suffice it to say that Ana was wanting to sever the cords of connection to her parents and she asked Tommy for help. In this show we described the process and the outcome of that journey and a subsequent one by Jeff.

In the process of exploring these unhealthy energetic connections to the past we both discovered that we had left some fragments behind in the past. Tommy calls the process of reclaiming our wounded inner children “Soul Retrieval”. It’s a very potent process of reintegrating aspects of ourselves that we have left behind at various trauma points. The breaking away of aspects or portions of ourselves when we experience trauma is a means of survival when we don’t have to tools to process what has happened but we must move on in order to survive. Retrieving these parts of ourselves can be upsetting in the short term but ultimately the goal is to bring the past trauma forward and heal it in the present so that we can move on and become whole.

In Ana’s case, the inability to feel anger was a clear sign that she had a fragment in the past that was so cut off from her adult psyche that she wasn’t able to access the emotions that she had originally been unable to process. In Jeff’s case an inner child fragment was created when his parents joined an extreme fundamentalist religious cult and he was thrown into circumstances that he couldn’t make sense of. Both of us have been processing these emotions and realizing all of the ways that this has impacted our adult lives, so we wanted to share the experience with our listeners in case some of you out there are in need of some “Soul Retrieval”.

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More Information about our Guest

Tommy Hopkins is a shaman from the Siberian tradition but he has studied many forms of shamanism. He likes to make you work for it if you want his help so we can’t give you his contact information here but if you’re interested in working with him please contact us and we’ll pass your inquiry on to him.

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