This weeks interview is with Tommy Hopkins. We talked about his shamanic path including his efforts in clearing the Slocan Valley of ghosts. Tommy is a friend so this was a casual conversation around the mic with lots of laughter.

This week we talked with shaman Tommy Hopkins about his work clearing ghosts from the Slocan Valley. Tommy found that there were many Japanese ghosts from the period they were interned in the area. Many didn’t die in peace because they wanted to return to Mt. Fuji, Japan. It is a part of their Shinto belief that they needed to go to the mountain at least once before they die. Tommy also talked about clearing the local health centre of Doukhobor ghosts who were interned there as well as the ghosts of local residents. It is his belief that when people die in turmoil or with dementia they may have a hard time leaving this dimension.

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More Information about our Guest

  • Tommy doesn’t give out his contact information freely. It is his belief that if you want his help, it’s a part of the process to have to work for it a little. If you would like to contact Tommy please use our contact form and we can relay your request.