A Woman Surrendering

I’ve been through a very intense phase of healing in the last few months. It all started about 6 months ago when I began randomly (or what seemed random to me anyway) having panic attacks… I was shaking and my heart was racing for no particular reason. At first it was only occasionally, usually when I first woke up in the morning. Eventually the constant cortisol (stress hormone) levels took a toll on my body and I started having health issues.

When I realized this was all connected to inner child coming to the surface I realized I needed to find out what she/I was so terrified of. I began deliberately tuning in to my deepest self and feeling around for what was there… yup, definitely terror… but why? I tried the things I knew to do: meditation, journalling, dreamwork… I even got a friend to do a regression on me back as far as birth. I got some glimmers – I knew I was afraid my dad was going to kill me (when I was little, not now) and that the fear of that was still crippling me. But how does one resolve an intense trauma like that… you can’t exactly talk sense into yourself. Stay tuned and in a couple of days I’ll share what helped.