This week we spoke with Chris Bokstrom about the reasons behind current world events. We have spoken to a number of people lately who are getting seriously freaked out by what’s being reported in the news lately. We decided to do what we can to dispel some myths and lessen fear about current events and recent actions by President Trump.

Some of the items discussed in this interview:

  • The invasion of the Ukraine
  • The conflict in Syria and ISIS
  • Trump’s nuclear posturing with North Korea
  • The US dollar as the world reserve currency
  • Russia and China’s attempt to convert to a different world reserve currency
  • The American posturing with China
  • Increase in mass killings

Listen to the audio of this weeks show:

You can read more about the shift away from the US dollar as the world reserve currency:

Here’s an answer on Quora that has a very comprehensive history of how the US dollar became the world reserve currency and what the ramification of that have been: