This week we talked with Ryan Gudwer about a sober takeover of the nightclub scene in Calgary. He had a vision, a vision he held in his heart for 3 years.  Ryan wanted to offer the world an alcohol free nightclub, a dream that now has legs.  Gudwer recently launched the YYC Sober Takeover in Calgary and blew his naysayers off the stage.  That shockwave continues to impact markets as Far East as Toronto and south to Miami!
Rewind the clock 2 years and Gudwer was in the process of leaving a life of all time lows, marinating in the depths of drugs and alcohol, he made the choice to get clean.  That choice and resulting journey brought to his attention just how few social outlets existed for those that wanted to party clean so he took matters into his own hands…
Ryan’s Alberta movement can be found via Facebook at YYC SOBER TAKEOVER.

He’s had a huge success with his first event and he’s doing another one on April 1, 2017. For more information or to send him a donation use his email address:

His website will be up in a short while