Sohan Ko

This week we talked with Sohan Ko about her practice as an addictions recovery coach. Sohan holds a Master’s Degree in Literature. In addition to her coaching practice, she is a writer, an artist, a musician, a mother of two sons, and an organic gardener. She recently assisted Ana through her latest healing journey so we wanted to share her special skills with our listeners.

“Sohan Ko incorporates many complementary approaches into her coaching practice. She traveled to the Peruvian Amazon rainforest and the Sacred Valley of the Incas in 2003 to start working with traditional Amazonian plant medicine and has been strongly connected to this sacred work since then. In 2001, she travelled to Tibet and took refuge with a Tibetan Buddhist teacher and embarked on her journey on Tibetan Buddhism practices and later became certified as a Sivananda Vedanta yoga teacher. Today, Sohan is an experienced Shambhala Buddhist meditation guide and practitioner. She applies mindfulness awareness meditation practice into her everyday life. She believes that our minds are what create our realities: by shedding the veils to see through to the true nature of mind, we can obtain inner peace and clarity, and connect to our own authentic presence.

As a Being True To You recovery coach, Sohan listens deeply with an open heart. She assists her clients on their recovery and transformational journey with wisdom, insights and techniques from different traditions. Sohan has strong experience in helping others to prepare for plant medicine treatment, to help them integrate the experiences into their lives and to get grounded in their spiritual awakenings. She is committed to walking her clients through all the obstacles on their path of recovery, transformation and growth with humbleness and compassion.”

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