Angela Jeffreys

This week we talked to Angela Jeffreys, editor of Wheel of Life Magazine. Angela is a Celtic shaman who had the inspiration to produce a “lifestyle magazine with a spiritual twist”. She put the call out to her extensive contacts and ended up with an amazing and diverse group of writers. Her first issue is out and available on Issuu (see link below). The first issue includes an interview with James Redfield, author of the Celestine Prophecy as well as articles on gender identity as a teen, teaching your children about energy, toxic parents, grief, embracing change and much more. It really is a magazine for people who want to heal and grow, no matter their belief system.

We also talked to Angela about her shamanism practice and about the intention group she participates in with us. In her practice Angela offers intuitive healing, soul retrieval, tarot readings and reflexology.  For those who don’t know Angela, she is also a very perceptive psychic.

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