This week we spoke to local healer Sherry Heyliger, who offers a powerful technology called Family of Origin or Systemic Constellation Workshops. Sherry claims that through a process called epigenetics our ancestors experiences are hardwired into our DNA. Through this very interesting workshop process, we are able to see the origin’s of our family’s wounds and experience their resolution.

Jeff and I did our own family constellation’s a little while ago and can personally attest to the power of this modality to shift old patterns. The healing and understanding activated by the workshop has continued to unfold in both of us ever since. Sherry has been amazing at continuing to support us after the workshop and always seems to anticipate when we need to touch base with her.

Sherry offers the workshop every couple of months so if you’re interested in participating go to her website or facebook page to find the next date.

Sherry’s website is called  You can also find her on facebook at

For information about her latest workshop go to

You can contact Sherry via email at