This week Jeff and Ana had a conversation with Chris Bokstrom about overcoming fear. There’s been a lot of stuff happening in the world lately that could engender fear and we’ve all been feeling it. We asked ourselves how do we keep perspective in such a crazy world?

  • One point that came us was that most of us have had a bellyful of the negative slant to most of the news programs on TV. Limiting your exposure to the fear mongering on the news is helpful.
  • Another suggestion was to deal with your fears as they arise, rather than trying to stuff them, instead really look at them – what is the source, what is the worst that can happen, how would you deal with that?
  • Gratitude is always helpful – if you can focus on what you’re grateful for, it’s difficult to be fearful.
  • Getting out into nature often helps you to get things into perspective.
  • Sharing your pain with someone you trust.
  • Reminding yourself that often the source of your fears are in the past and the past does not equal the present.
  • Tune in to the reason the fears are coming up – perhaps it’s your egos way of distracting you from the fact that you are making positive progress and moving away from ego.

Listen to the Audio of Overcoming Fear:

As part of this show we listened to a track by poet/musician Shane Koyczan called Blueprint.

We also listened to a TED talk by psychologist and author Owen Fitzpatrick called “How to Win the War in Your Head” and another by Robert Grant called “Beautiful Minds are Free From Fear”.

The last track we shared was Gratitude from the website

Links to the excerpts we included: