magic trick

This weeks interview is with Jay Frasier who is a magician and skeptic. Jay is a member of the Skeptics Society  and the recipient of a Dom Deluise Comedy Magic Award. He has also won the 2014 Portland Magic Jam Magic Contest. His original magic has been featured in Genii Magazine and several other publications for magicians. We spoke to Jay about how he became such a dedicated skeptic and magician.

The irony of Jay being a skeptic is that he grew up in a very religious family and studied theology as a young man. He is also married to a paranormal investigator and ghost buster. In this interview Jay talks about how he became a skeptic and why he is still such a stanch un-believer, even though his wife has such a different worldview.

Jay and Jeff talked about their shared past in the college run by the World Wide Church of God and how that experience shaped them. Jeff came away from the experience hating religion but still being a spiritual man but Jay took the path of skepticism. Jeff wanted to know why.

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