This week we talked to Andre Rodrigues about his concept for a Gentle Revolution. Andre describes himself as a “wandering storyteller teacher dancing dude”. Other than philosopher, wordsmith and leader we think that pretty much sums it up.

Andre will be launching a pilot project of his sharing economy this summer. This is a really exciting vision for using the banking system to set up a network for sharing, collaborating and supporting. Andre describes his Gentle Revolution thus:

Action. It’s a four-year, four-part plan, something to do that says, yes, we can! (ada)
2017: the mental, of air, let ideas spread with unabashed care.
2018: the physical, of earth, putting ideas into practical practice in dirt, if we dare.
2019: the emotional, of water, a flood of love and the pitch for an irrigation, non-debt economy, where we share.
and 2020: the spiritual, of fire, of clarity, of miracle, where we dance with flare!

In the spinning of each year, four notions:
1) a seed of mentality: a bank like a tree–and why they call it a branch–and non-debt economology, moving from a well-system of distribution, to one more akin to an irrigation solution–and why they call it a curren(t)cy. With the practice of a part-time philosophy. That is: work less, do more. That work with family, friends, community, yourself, may not pay, but is an infinitely invaluable score!
2) a play of physicality: a soccer like succour–the ultimate game of sharing, where you are constantly giving and receiving. Where people of different skills and abilities work together to put the ball in the net, and why we call it: a goal. A physical expression and experience of community collaboration and celebration. An international language to demonstrate the difference between cooperation and competition, and at their own game to boot!
3) a welling of emotionality: a Children’s Revolution solution–where we learn from the master teachers of love, where we remember how to dance, and how to sing, how to hug, not shove. Where the walls between classes and cultures and creed and colours, the children will tear down in giggles and wiggles, with smile-wide rainbows on their mothers. Whilst planting the seeds of a new/old ways of being in the hearts of these wild, child up-starts of healing!
4) a spark of spirituality, through festivals, gatherings, gardens, and you! The secret of any religion is not in the steeple, but the people. Anytime people gather together, their collective energy is expressed, and with each new addition, a multiplication, of an ever exponentially growing zest!

To connect with Andre you can check out his Facebook page at

Here’s an outline of his Children’s Revolution Project T-4 years:

Set for 2020, every year we practice, let grow–both our knowledge and our solace.

This Saturday, April 15th : LoLo’s Light (we are all onesie)

April 1st was Pink&Purple&Blue day. Was it an April fool’s? No way!!

For really, the trick is that the first isn’t the real Fool’s Day, it’s the 15th and it’s all day long; so we’re gunna be foolish and sing a song out loud!

At 11:11, we sing John Lennon’s “Imagine”!! And in the years to come, after the song is sung, the kids walk out of class!! (It wouldn’t be a kids revolution if this didn’t get done).

And if they choose to, we should be there to meet them, and meet them where they are at–in onesies!!!– as they break down the walls between classes and races, this also a call for more time in each others graces.

Of course, this year, the 15th is a Saturday. So, in your own way, sing where you are or play it on guitar, and make the ease to spend the day with families!!

In your onesies!!!

And, if weather permitting, take to sitting, on your roof! To watch the sun go down, and as she does, shout out loud: Lolo!! Lolo!!

As this is a practice in a new point of view, and an unearthing of a gentle truth.

That sometimes we can feel all alone. Like a long, long time ago, Lolo, whose light is super bright, but try as she might, she could not see it, she could not feel it, thought she was the worst, not bright but blue. Sad and isolated, her heart deflated, her pain inflated, and no one to trust, she thought this was true. But little did she know she knew, that one day, maybe a school, maybe a city, maybe a whole country, would be calling out her name!!

And the teaching, for you, is you are the same. That when you’re feeling Low-Low, that not much further that you can gogo….listen, hear the wind whisper, then glisten to a glow, as you hear you’ll know, that the whole universe, in proof, is calling out to you!! You got this!!!

And the onesie will bring out the child, the light, in you.

as well, to sit on the roof, on top of being foolish, is a wish for a new perspective, a new view– and year to year, just maybe, more and more will join us to celebrate a new truth!!


and too….this is also a really, really sweet name to give to our sweet, sweet sun, as she sets, Lolo!!

Calling out to her, as she disappears into darkness, we call for her return….and true as blue, she always bounces back!!!

Bringing with her a new groove.

So, this Saturday, do as you do, be a little foolish, share a little love, and have fun y’all!!! (maybe even wear a tu-tu, too!!)