This weeks interview is with Val Frasier, founder of Afterlife Ghost Investigators. We spoke to Val about her experiences with the paranormal and her views on the afterlife. This wasn’t a conversation so much about ghosts as it was about the nature of the spiritual realm. Val lives and works in southern Oregon.

This video is not by the Afterlife Ghost Investigators but it IS interesting viewing:

Val Frasier is an interesting woman who began dealing with clearing spirits as a child. Her grandmother was having trouble with a ghost in her house and was told by a witch that Val was the one to clear it. Not really understanding why she was being asked to help, she gamely followed the instructions that were provided and to her surprise and amazement she experienced the paranormal. For a long time afterward Val tried to ignore her gift but eventually realized that she was meant to help people with it. Thus began the Afterlife Ghost Investigators and Val’s life as a ghost buster.

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